(WKBN) – Cases of RSV among children are rising, and doctors say they’re rising earlier than usual.

RSV is a common upper respiratory virus seen in the fall that can cause common cold-like symptoms for older children and adults but can cause serious infections for children under 2 and others susceptible to the virus.

Officials at Akron Children’s Hospital say they’ve admitted 80 children last week for the virus. They say they usually see higher cases starting in November.

Pediatrician Dr. Therese Linnon said doctors believe that our population’s immunity is lower than in years past, making us more open to the virus.

“Usually what happens is that we develop a group immunity against it that carries over from season to season, but because the RSV burden was lower in 2020 and 2021, our population immunity is not as great as it has been in previous years, so our population immunity is lower, and that makes everyone susceptible to RSV this year,” she said.

Dr. Linnon has some tips on how we can prevent the spread.

“This is a common respiratory virus, so the things we commonly do — and this includes hand washing, masking if we’re not feeling well and keeping our children and ourselves at home when we’re not feeling well — those things will all help to prevent the spread of RSV,” she said.