YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio (WKBN) — The mother of a 4-year-old Struthers boy who was shot and killed in September, along with one of the people hurt when the boy was slain were both arrested over the weekend.

Alexis Schneider, 23, is still in the Mahoning County Jail on a fourth degree felony charge of improper handling of a firearm in a motor vehicle and receiving stolen property.

Her boyfriend, Yarnell Green Jr., 30, managed to post bond on the same charges. Green was also charged with driving under suspension.

Reports said a car Green was driving was pulled over about 3:15 a.m. Sunday after it was spotted with only one headlight, making an improper turn. Police could see both Green and Schneider reaching toward the center of the car like they were stuffing something under the seat, reports said.

Police said Green was very nervous, his hands were shaking and he was stuttering. Schneider was also nervous and said she had anxiety, according to reports.

Green did not have a valid driver’s license, but Schneider said the car was hers and she did have a valid license. Officers checked and found the car was hers.

When asked, Green told police there was a gun in the car. Under the front seat, police found a 9mm handgun that was reported stolen out of Boardman, reports said.

Police said Green told them a relative of his gave him the gun a few days after the shooting that killed Sweeney.

Green told police he thought he needed a gun for protection because he was shot before, reports said.

Both Green and Schneider were charged because they both had access to the gun, police said.

They were arraigned Monday in municipal court.

Before court, Green was in tears, saying “I don’t want to get hurt” and “she [Schneider] lost her son. She don’t deserve this.”

Schneider, who has virtually no criminal record, was given a recognizance bond by Magistrate Anthony Sertick, but she will have to check in with the court’s Pre Trial Services Program.

Green, who was arraigned separately and in court because he posted bond, tearfully asked Magistrate Sertick, “Will I be able to get her out if I sell my TV and stuff.”

Magistrate Sertick told him she was given a recognizance bond, which means she would not have to post anything. Green thanked him.

The bond Green posted after he was arrested was continued.

Details of the arrests are not yet available, but court records show they were both arrested sometime Sunday.

Schneider is the mother of Rowan Sweeney, the boy who was shot and killed Sept. 21 during a robbery at a Struthers home. She and Green were both hurt in the shooting.

Kimonie Bryant, 24, turned himself in hours after Sweeney was killed in the September shooting. Police said Bryant and another person, Brandon Crump — who was 17 at the time — broke into the home to take stimulus check money.

Crump was arrested in November. He is charged with aggravated robbery, but not with murder.

Bryant faces a count of aggravated murder with a death penalty specification, as well as counts of attempted murder for the other victims’ injuries.