LISBON, Ohio (WKBN) – A packed village council meeting took place Tuesday night in Lisbon. About 25 people showed up to talk about chickens and whether to allow them in the village.

It’s a topic that has been on and off council’s agenda for two years.

For the last month, a Lisbon Village Council committee has been working on a rough draft of an ordinance to allow chickens within village limits. Tuesday night, they presented that rough draft, including zoning, restrictions and punishments.

“If your neighbor has chickens and you don’t want to have them, you’re not going to have it right up against your property or any of that,” said councilwoman Dawn Thomas.

Currently, Lisbon’s ordinance states that “no person shall harbor, maintain, keep or control a wild, dangerous or undomesticated animal or livestock or poultry, whether within or without a structure, within the village of Lisbon.”

One resident worries that if the ordinance is changed for chickens, will it get changed for other animals?

“I’m thinking, what will be the next animal that someone will come in as livestock and want? Do I want a goat? And utilize as rational that those that want chickens are,” said resident Martina Grimm.

Which was echoed by one of the former council members who passed the original ordinance.

“It was done because at that time someone wanted to bring a lion into town,” said former councilwoman Mary Ann Gray.

But some who spoke were for the chickens, saying it’s their right to have one.

“One of the points brought up by anti-chicken people was they don’t want to see chickens. I personally think there are worse things in town to see and witness other than chickens being around,” said resident Zac Strong.

One man, also for chickens, says he’s had chickens for years at his property.

“I got people that come into my shop every day and they look around and they, ‘You got chickens here?’ Yeah, they’re 200 feet back. ‘Oh, we can’t hear them,'” said resident Frank Gallo.

Councilman Jerry Cox motioned to table the vote so council could review the rough draft of the proposed ordinance.

The next village council meeting is on June 28.