YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio (WKBN) – Roofing companies are busy after back-to-back windy weekends.

Some of the worst wind damage has been 10 to 30 feet in the air. Roof shingles have blown away or holes have opened at some homes from wind damage. Roofing companies have been busy.

“The phones exploded. We took in over 250 calls that first week alone,” said Bill Green, roofing residential supervisor for Boak and Sons.

Boak and Sons had over 600 calls on the residential side for roof problems. Some of the calls it’s responding to are to cover somebody else’s repair job.

“There are things that we have already fixed from last week. That we have already had to go back and fix this week from somebody else that had done it wrong last week,” Green said. “So, you pay 400 bucks last week, and this week you’re paying and again and they can’t get a hold of those companies.”

The storms have knocked down trees and wires and led to hours of cleanup. The winds have also blown off many shingles. A roof problem is important and can not be overlooked.

“If you stick with the foundation, you stick with the roof everything else in between is secondary,” Green said.

Green remembers damage from a small tornado in Canfield during 2015 and a hailstorm doing damage but nothing like the recent winds. The damage is more area-wide running from Pennsylvania to Elyria.

If you have a roof problem, he suggests knowing the people behind making the repairs.

“You want to make sure you’re sticking with a reputable company. Just on my trip here from the office. I drove by two companies that are out of town. I’ve never seen them before. I’ve no idea who they are. You want to stay local,” Green said.

Some signs you might have roof damage. Leaks, and even stains and dark streaks on the ceiling. Missing or broken shingles can be a problem, too.