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Rogers native to be featured in reality TV show about flea market

Cole Williams has been going to the Rogers Flea Market for years

ROGERS, Ohio (WKBN) - The Rogers Flea Market reality television show has begun filming. The audition process for Flea Market Fanatics took weeks, and nearly 200 people tried out.

Most of the people who got to audition will be on the show in some way, but only a few got to have their full stories told. 

Cole Williams is one of around 200 people who auditioned for Flea Market Fanatics. Williams has been coming to the flea market for around 30 years. 

The Rogers native was selected as one of the dozen or so people that camera crews will follow around for his unique collection.

Williams has his own library of around 20,000 books. 

"They're just stacked up everywhere," he said.

Williams collects thousands of science fiction books and comes to the Rogers Flea Market to find them.

"My grandma owned a bookstore, and I inherited them through her, and I just decided to take off with it," he said. 

Show creator Steve Swanson and film crew have returned five times to the flea market, including on Friday. He and his crew are filming multiple episodes in a single day -- following a day in the life of the market and always finding something unique.

"Last week, we met a couple from Wisconsin that drove from Wisconsin to come to Rogers," Swanson said. "Today, we met a couple spending their honeymoon here today." 

The film crew's goal is to highlight everything that happens at the market.

"It's more about the people. That's our focus," Swanson said. 

"This is a whole new experience for me," said Host Jess Faulstich. "I had never been to a flea market prior to this one, so it's been super fascinating." 

Filming will continue throughout the summer with the first of seven episodes scheduled to air online in August.

Several short webisodes will also be online during the summer, and there is a plan for a second season. 

For more information on the show, go to fleamarketfanatics.com.

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