Rogers Flea Market pavilion consumed by fire

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The pavilion right next to the one that burned Wednesday also burned to the ground two years ago

ROGERS, Ohio (WKBN) – A pavilion at Rogers Flea Market caught on fire Wednesday afternoon. Nearly as quickly as it lit, the entire building was consumed.

Rogers Community Auction was having its hay sale in the pavilion Wednesday and the hay caught fire.

About five different fire departments arrived on the scene.

The fire started at the east end and moved its way through the pavilion full of barrels of hay.

“Once the fire got into the roof, it went pretty fast. Maybe three to four minutes to the other end of the barn,” said Wade Baer, part owner of Rogers Community Auction.

Baer said they tried to get a machine to get the hay out before it was engulfed.

“They tried to move the bales out but he said within five to ten minutes, it was just blowing up through there,” said Lisbon Fire Chief Paul Gresh.

Mother Nature added more to the flames.

“If you’ve ever been here on a Friday and walked through here, it’s like a wind tunnel,” Gresh said. “There was a good breeze blowing this afternoon.”

Once Baer saw the fire starting to move, his quick action prevented, potentially, an even worse fire.

“When I started to go through the building, I shut the main power off because I knew the fire department was coming,” he said. “They don’t want to put water on electric and then we just got everything back away from it, and all you can do is be a spectator at that point.”

No one was hurt.

Because of the number of hay bales, the site could be hot for a while.

“When you got a lot of them like this, this could be burning for days,” Gresh said. “It still might be smoldering for days. We’re going to do the best we can tonight and push everything in toward the center, and then call it a day.”

“I kind of know the road ahead, as far as the work it’s going to take to rebuild,” Baer said.

In May 2017, the pavilion right next to the one that burned Wednesday also burned to the ground.

But this Friday, Rogers Flea Market is looking to continue business as normal.

“Oh, we’ll rebuild it,” Baer said. “We’ll be back open for business Friday. This building, of course, won’t be but we’ll be open for business just like always.”

The building that caught fire two years ago was rebuilt within four months.

A viewer sent us a picture of what the pavilion looked like earlier via the Report It feature on our website.

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