YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio (WKBN) – At least five cars were struck by rocks on Interstate 680 in Youngstown Wednesday afternoon. Police say they think the rocks were thrown from an overpass.

According to a police report, a caller reported chasing two boys who were hiding on the side of the freeway near the Mahoning Avenue bridge overpass at the time. Officers checked the area but were unable to find anyone.

One of the vehicles belonged to the Youngstown Street Department.

According to the police report, drivers pulled over and parked on the side of I-680 northbound near the Salt Springs Road exit.

Police said the front windshield of the street department vehicle was among those that were damaged, along with a Chevy Equinox that had a large rock through the windshield. A woman driving a Ford Focus reported her vehicle’s windshield was hit by a rock, but she did not see where it came from.

“I heard a thump, and then I looked to the passenger side of my windshield and saw a rock coming right at it,” said driver Charley Villa.

Villa’s car was one of the first to be hit by a rock. Her windshield and front bumper are damaged.

“I was down here fishing, waiting on an order for Uber Eats, and I got one, left. As I got onto 680, a rock came down and hit my car,” she said.

At first, Villa said she thought the weather had caused the rocks to loosen and fall on her car, but she got a call from an officer later Wednesday night.

“After I got home, the officer that came out, she called me and told me that it was kids that were throwing rocks,” Villa said.

She says she thinks more rocks came down while she was still at the scene.

“I did hear more rocks fall or be thrown, apparently, and told the officer while I was standing there. I’m like, ‘I just heard more hit,'” Villa said.

Youngstown Police Captain Jason Simon says the rock throwing went on for about half an hour sometime around 7:30/8 p.m. Fortunately, no one has reported being injured.

“Somebody could have been killed. I have kids at home, you know, they could have ended up without a mother last night. Kids have to understand that’s no joke,” Villa said.

If you have any information about the rocks being thrown at cars, you’re asked to call the Youngstown Police Department at 330-742-8900.

Chelsea Simeon contributed to this report.