WARREN, Ohio (WKBN) – A sign on the Robins Theatre marquee in Warren is getting a lot of attention.

It’s taking aim at Valley Congressman Tim Ryan following comments he made Monday during a candidates debate in Youngstown.

During that debate, Ryan said:

You go downtown Warren because you can’t just have jobs. You need quality of life. Packard Music Hall Car Museum, River Walk Amphitheatre, Kinsman House, all public investments that lead to private investment to renovate the Robins Theater.

Tim Ryan, D-13th District

In response to Ryan mentioning the Robins Theatre, owner Mark Marvin put up a sign on the marquee that reads: “Tim Ryan had nothing to do with the restoration of the Robins Theatre.”

Marvin said it’s not a political statement.

“I felt that I needed to set the record straight. I needed to put something out there, and I felt this was the best way to do it because people do see the sign and the marquee. It sticks out, ” Marvin said. “It’s here because it was the Robins Theatre. I thought it was the place to do it.”

Marvin said it was very personal for him to come home and invest his money into the theatre and downtown Warren.

“It was my dollars going into this. I thought that was very important, and someone else shouldn’t take credit for that. That’s why I decided to do what I did,” Marvin said.

Ryan released the following statement on Friday:

I am proud to have brought back millions of dollars for the City of Warren, including $2.75 million for the Packard Museum and Music Hall, $1.7 million for the Riverwalk and Amphitheater, $150,000 for the restoration of the Kinsman House, over $300,000 for the Warren Greenway bike trail, and $2.2 million to build the BRITE Energy Incubator in downtown. I did this to help breathe life into the downtown area so that my constituents could have a better quality of life and to help make Warren more attractive for private investment.”

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