HERMITAGE, Pa. (WKBN) – An almost $2 million project is on track to help both Hermitage drivers and the Joy Cone company. It’s for road improvements on Lamor Road and State Route 18.

The purpose is to support the expansion of the company that makes ice cream cones and other products.

Joy Cone has been a staple in the area for over 100 years, making products that you commonly see inside your grocery store. They’re now looking to grow their brand.

“But with our increased business, which is great, you have increased truck traffic,” said Joy Cone CEO David George.

The plant sits on Lamor Road, which is in a residential neighborhood. The increase in truck flow means more traffic.

“At shift change and when trucks are coming, our neighbors can get tied up going up and down Lamor Road. So it’s a real nuisance and it’s also a bit of a safety problem too,” George said.

Pennsylvania will invest $1.73 million to improve Lamor Road and State Route 18, which will help both Joy Cone and residential travel.

It’s something the company has wanted for the last few years.

“It has poor drainage — the stormwater handling is problematic,” George said.

Now, Joy Cone will be able to continue with its expansion.

The investment will help create 90 new jobs for the plant and within the next few years, they hope to add even more jobs.

“But we need to expand our cookie plant and put in another oven and obviously be prepared to run that,” George said.

This is just one step that the company is hoping will let Joy Cone last 100 more years.

“We’ve had 100 great years and we always think long term. So we’re doing things now to set up things to go another hundred years,” George said.

The Hermitage Board of Commissioners recently approved a 200,000-foot addition for the Joy Cone company.