Road crews look to Mercer Co. drivers for tips on making Route 58 safer

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The Pennsylvania Department of Transportation wants to make a stretch of Route 58 in Mercer County safer.

PennDOT is planning a study for the 14-mile stretch between Mercer and Greenville.

There was a meeting in Mercer on Wednesday night to talk about it. The first step in solving a dangerous problem is assessing it, which is what PennDOT hoped to do.

“What prompted this study is that it has a higher crash rate than a normal corridor of the same type,” said Tom McClelland, a design engineer with PennDOT.

He wants to make Route 58 safer, but he and his team need help from those who live and use the road.

About 20 came to express their concerns, especially speeding in the area.

“We are here to get input from the public. We are going to be looking at signing, curves, pavement condition, anything traffic-related and we need input from the public,” McClelland said.

This is part of Gov. Tom Wolfe’s initiative known as PennDOT Connects. This plan will be part of the blueprint to gather information from the public and municipalities on upcoming projects and areas of concern.

Every day, 5,000 vehicles pass over that stretch of Route 58. Only about 5% to 6% of them are considered large trucks.

If you couldn’t make it to Wednesday’s meeting, you can submit a concern about Route 58 through PennDOT’s website.

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