Road blocked in Salem until neighboring EuroGyro building can be stabilized

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Drivers are frustrated even with just a tiny section of the road blocked

SALEM, Ohio (WKBN) – A building in downtown Salem is in need of some serious attention.

The building on State Street houses EuroGyro, a restaurant with several locations in Ohio.

Currently, a “road closed” sign blocks W. State Street.

“It’s terrible. It’s such a claustrophobic mess,” said driver Jason Schultz.

Drivers are frustrated even with just a tiny section of the road blocked.

“We don’t even know why it’s closed,” Schultz said.

The problem lies inside the EuroGyro building. An alarm went off Thursday and firefighters had to check it out.

“We seen the noticeable separation. I knew something had to be done rather quickly,” said Salem Fire Chief Scott Mason.

Pictures from Friday’s inspection show a 3-inch gap in the wall. A fixture on the outside has pulled away from the building and the west wall has an outward bow.

The street is closed until the walls can be stabilized.

The restaurant, which opened this past spring, is now empty. Even the mayor had eaten there.

“It’s become a very popular location in town. We’re sorry to see that it has to close for any period of time,” said Salem Mayor John Berlin.

Four years ago, the TanFastic building had to be torn down, which closed another portion of State Street.

The city is hoping that the owner of the EuroGyro building can get with an engineer and fix the problem.

“Everyone loves the look of the downtown but the building owners often find after they purchase them that there are lots of problems that they didn’t realize that they had,” Berlin said.

The building has been around since the mid-1800s, long before there were cars or trucks causing vibrations as they go by.

Some buildings in Salem have circular plates. They’re a sign of underlying work to help stabilize and anchor the buildings. It’s an option that will have to be considered.

“The expense of how much it’s going to be to stabilize it and then do the correction after that or possibly start over with a newer building,” Mason said.

The building owner had just fixed a leak on the roof.

The city hopes a plan to stabilize the walls could be put in place by the end of the week.

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