COLUMBIANA, Ohio (WKBN) – A $250,000 project is currently underway at Firestone Park in Columbiana.

Through grants from the state and money from the city’s Restoration & Beautification Committee, the project will help spruce up the 83-year-old park.

As you walk around Firestone Park, you will see construction equipment and certain roads closed off. They’re adding sidewalks to areas of the park that didn’t have them and also working on the brick gutters.

“We’re removing the old bricks, cleaning them up and putting them back down,” said Columbiana City Manager Lance Willard.

The brick gutters are more than 80 years old. They will be raised higher than the older brick gutters, making them more even with the streets.

“If you were to accidentally step off into those gutters when you’re walking, you might accidentally twist an ankle. But now, you’re not going to,” Willard said.

They plan on holding on to the extra bricks to use for maintenance on the gutters.

Several other projects are part of the restoration effort. Plans include planting seedlings to grow trees on the Great Tree Lawn, as well as a Legacy Trail.

“The Legacy Trail is actually a brand new section of the park, a section that really hasn’t been developed before,” said Committee President Pat Tingle.

It’s being made as a dedication to Harvey Firestone, who created the park.

It will start over by the pool and end at Mirror Lake, with a number of historical points along the way. It will also include a gazebo dedicated to Harvey’s wife, Idabelle.

“It will be a place where you can have musical events, parties,” Tingle said.

Plus, they’re adding a special element to the trail itself.

“The R and B have called for dyed concrete, a brown color,” Willard said.

“Kind of like the yellow brick road except it’s brown,” Tingle said.

They hope to have the gutters and sidewalks done by August and the Legacy Trail finished by the end of the year. The landscaping and planting will finish up next spring.