EAST PALESTINE, Ohio (WKBN) — Saturday, Norfolk Southern Railway opened an assistance center and are taking information from residents impacted by the disaster.

It is open again Sunday and is located at the East Palestine Park Community Center at 31 Park Drive. It will be open 8 a.m. until 8 p.m. No further details have been released for how many days the site will remain open.

Two forms of ID are needed to apply at the resource center. People will need to return to the community center each day to receive reimbursement for items.

The school district reminds everyone they are still a shelter open for residents within the evacuation zone. They will continue sharing updates as the morning continues.

First News spoke with EMA director Peggy Clark Sunday morning. She said the number of residents at the shelter has dropped to 16.

The Red Cross said many people have found friends and family to stay with.

However, Clark says the shelter will remain open for anyone until the evacuation zone is lifted.

Officials with Norfolk Southern say they are helping address the immediate needs of residents.

“They can provide information about what we’re able to help,” said Norfolk Southern spokesperson Connor Spielmaker. “To help them with as well as provide the information, the forms they need to fill out to bring to us to get that process started.”

Several businesses and organizations have also been stepping up in the area to take care of one another. But not just the humans, pets too.

The Columbiana County Humane Society is taking calls for pets you cannot get back to in the evacuation zone.

They say cats that are free-fed, meaning they have food available all parts of the day, should be ok. They should also have enough water for a few days.

However, dogs, birds and other small pets are more sensitive to chemicals. Pet owners can call the humane society for assistance.

Also, the northern border in Pennsylvania, right outside the one-mile radius, was taking in dogs for those evacuating free of charge.

As of right Sunday morning, East Palestine village officials do not have more information on how long the evacuation orders will be in effect.