YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio (WKBN) – Youngstown City Council and the Board of Control will consider a loan to help with a development project near Youngstown State University.

It’s at a popular corner and the project could be a big hit for the neighborhood.

This brick building has been standing on Elm Street since 1925.

It’s been a bookstore, Dorian Books, and even held a florist at one time.

The new plan calls for putting a food market on the first floor, and that excited Richard Robbins.  He’s confined to a wheelchair and this would be super convenient.

“This is like five blocks from my house,” Robbins said. “Plus [it] encompasses the whole area. Everybody would use that store.”

The only store the neighborhood had, closed.

The nearest groceries now are on Logan Avenue, about a mile away, or on Gypsy Lane which is two miles away.

Robbins would love shorter trips to get the items he’s craving, like meat products and dairy.

The food market idea also includes some apartments on the upper floors.

The project would cost over $2.5 million.

The location right at Elm Street and Madison Avenue, near all the university housing, could be a big benefit to students.

“It would be more convenient because a lot of students don’t have cars on campus. They’re coming from different states or some even come from different countries. So it would be more convenient because it’s walking distance,” said Tiffany Douthitt, a student at Youngstown State University.

Kenny Adams works out in Wick Park, just a few blocks from where the food market would be.

He was excited, believing it could reinvigorate the neighborhood.

“If we get more jobs, we’ll have more great opportunities,” Adams said. “And not only that we have more great opportunities, we’d be able to get more people back to work.”

The city’s Board of Control will consider a $2 million loan to help the developer.