YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio (WKBN) — About 40 people gathered in Homestead Park on Youngstown’s South Side on Sunday to rally against gun violence.

It follows the most recent shooting just a street away from the park, where 16-year-old Isaiah Walker was killed.

Multiple attendees shared their experiences and fears for their loved ones and children when it comes to gun violence.

Youngstown Safe Zones held a free cookout where they recognized the people lost to gun violence this year. Safe Zones president Leonard Carter said he feels like their efforts are reaching kids in the community.

“Today I felt like a lot of faces were here that I wanted to be here, a few kids came around that were in the area and the way we touched them and the way they came and spoke to me, I felt that we really touched them and did what we were supposed to do today,” Carter said.

Derrick Henderson and his son spoke at the event — his son speaking for the Carter family.

“We’re going back to the 90s with this and we cannot continue on this path of destruction in our community. Not when it comes to these kids, not when it comes to these elders, not when it comes to these guns out here in our streets — these kids getting their hands on guns,” Henderson said.

Youngstown Safe Zones said it plans to continue to be out in the community.