YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio (WKBN) — Severe storms caused damage in the Valley last weekend, and we could see the same issues again Friday or Saturday. Many were without power for an extended period of time this week, and that can be frustrating.

The storm last Saturday brought a lot of wind and rain. The wind knocked out power lines, leaving thousands in the dark — some were without power for days. One household item that could come in handy is a generator.

The Home Depot in Boardman, Austintown and Salem got a big shipment of generators due to the issues residents ran into last weekend, and they’re prepared if folks lose power again this weekend.

Brian Bloom, a supervisor at the Home Depot on Southern Boulevard, says a good way to prepare for this weekend’s storm is to have a sump pump and a generator.

The sump pump will help in case basements get backed up due to heavy rain, and the generator can help keep items in your fridge cold, oxygen tanks on and eliminate the frustration that comes along with losing power.

“Be prepared for the next one, because it’s never fun to come out in a rush and being upset that something is happening that you have no control over,” Bloom said. “When you get ahead of the issue then it’s not a problem. It’s the matter of dragging this out of the garage, fire it up and plugging your stuff in and calling it a day.”

He said there are also generators that can be rented from the Home Depot.

Douglas Musser, who lives in Canfield, was without power for over 24 hours. On Friday, he went out and bought a generator.

Musser said he had to make this big purchase ahead of the weekend.

“Because they said there is another storm coming this Saturday and I don’t have a house generator,” Musser said. “I need a portable generator just so I don’t lose any more of my refrigerator stuff anymore — and also to take care of my fish and a couple other things at my house.”

Musser said these generators are also on the pricey side. Most portable ones are around $1,000 if a homeowner chooses to buy rather than rent one.

A quick reminder for the weekend, have those flashlights ready and a charged phone.