AUSTINTOWN, Ohio (WKBN) — Fish that were rescued from a home in Trumbull County last month now have a new place to call theirs.

The Animal Welfare League in Trumbull County rescued seven African Cichlids on Dec. 29.

The previous owners didn’t want to reclaim the fish, so Rob Williams from Awesome Aquatics stepped in. He was able to get the fish healthy and find a new home for them.

The fish are currently living at the Briarfield Manor, a rescue that not only helped these Cichlids but will help with future fish rescues as well.

“The residents enjoy the aquariums, and it’s good enrichment for them, but it feels great to get the fish into good homes,” says Williams.

“It is not great when we have fish come in the shelter to just quickly set up an aquarium and put the fish in. It is ideal to have it set up for a period of time and let it have all of the right environment for those fish to go into, especially when they’re coming out of dirty tanks and neglected situations,” says Animal Welfare League CEO Lori Shandor. “To have a tank set up here, ready to go, is going to be huge for us when we have these cases.”

Shandor and Williams say the new Aquarium at Animal Welfare League will be up and running soon.