WARREN, Ohio (WKBN) – A clerk at a Warren convenience store stopped an armed robbery from happening Monday night. A man with a gun tried to crawl through the store’s drive-thru window, but the clerk had a gun of his own.

It’s an ordeal you have to see to believe and store surveillance cameras captured it all.

WATCH: Warren robber runs after Pit Stop employee pulls gun

The clerk is fine but the suspect remains on the run.

It happened around 11:30 p.m. at Pit Stop on Youngstown Road SE.

The masked man, who police said had a gun, tried climbing through the drive-thru window at Pit Stop.

When the clerk spotted what was going on, he pulled out a gun and fired a warning shot, scaring the would-be robber off.

“He got a gun, he’s wearing black, he’s got a mask on so we couldn’t see him, but then the other employee, he just pointed the gun at him and he just ran away,” said Abobakr Mayoof, who works at Moe’s Deli, which is inside Pit Stop.

Mayoof was cleaning up the kitchen at Moe’s Deli when it all went down.

“It was scary. I couldn’t even get my car. I parked at the corner over there. When I checked the cameras, he came from the same corner,” he said.

“It’s a bit daring to try to climb through a window to rob a business but, fortunately, the clerk was armed and was able to protect themselves from any harm that could have come to them,” said Warren Police Lt. Bryan Holmes.

No one was hurt.

Responding officers couldn’t find the masked man. The clerk will not be charged.

“The police department is not going to pursue prosecution of that clerk due to the circumstances. They were in fear of their life at the time of the incident,” Holmes said.