Report: Struthers robbery suspect said he was ‘just tired of being broke’

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Bradley Diana, charged with aggravated robbery in Struthers

Struthers police said a man admitted to robbing a Dollar General store, saying he was “tired of being a criminal” and that he did it to “fit in.”  

Police arrested Bradley Diana not long after the robbery of the store on Rita Avenue before 3 p.m. Wednesday.

Employees said the robber approached the counter and acted as if he was reaching for a firearm in his waistband. He told them, “I want $100 or I’ll shoot you,” according to a police report. 

Employees reported that the man ran from the store after they handed him the cash. 

Police said their investigation led them to a home on W. Harvey Street.

Police said Diana, who was in the home, matched the description of the robber. He appeared nervous, telling them, “I just don’t like to be around cops,” according to the report. 

Diana told police that he didn’t rob the store but that he knew the person who did. He said his cousin who looked like him called him to say he was going to “hit Dollar General.” Police said Diana was unable to show them the call log and said he must have deleted it, the report stated.

Officers arrested Diana at which time he admitted to robbing the store, according to police. Police said he led them to a room where he put a plastic bag filled with $100. 

Police said weapons and the clothes used in the robbery were also recovered in the home. 

Diana was charged with aggravated robbery. 

Police said at the police station, Diana began crying, saying he “didn’t want to be a criminal.” He said he robbed the store to “fit in,” according to the report. 

Diana added that he planned on “using the money to buy weed” and that he was “just tired of being broke,” police said. 

Tyler Rodriguez, 19, was also charged with robbery. 

Police said Rodriguez was in the home when officers arrived and was implicated in the crime by Diana. Diana told police that Rodriguez planned it out and left him use his Airsoft gun, according to the police report. 

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