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Report shows Warren’s Youngstown Road a ‘great place to do business’

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Youngstown Road in Warren offers businesses many opportunities. That’s according to a new report from the Trumbull Neighborhood Partnership.

The report titled “Revitalizing Youngstown Road” details infrastructure upgrades and surveys of businesses along the busy corridor.

The report said the road carries substantial daily traffic and is a major connection between Warren and Youngstown.

Recently, the city of Warren secured funding for $4.1 million worth of infrastructure improvements to rebuild Youngstown Road between Laird Avenue and Ridge Road. The improvements include a new road surface, new sidewalks and ramps.

“It’s now a much smoother ride. It’s a better walk. Everything about it has improved,” said Matt Martin of the Trumbull Neighborhood Partnership.

The city hopes traffic keeps growing.

“We think it is very important to capitalize on the public investment by encouraging our local business community to take advantage of these tremendous improvements. Youngstown Road is a great place to invest or start a business, because 12,000 vehicles travel this corridor daily, making it the second most traveled in Warren. Consumers also told us that they shop there regularly and would love to have additional services, and there are good quality buildings available,” said Warren Mayor Doug Franklin.

According to the survey, customers shop the corridor for fresh produce, gas, banking and fast food.

Carmen’s Pizza has been along Youngstown Road since 1965.

Cathy Dalton knows the pizza is popular and wouldn’t mind seeing more traffic.

“Oh, I think it’d be great for this city,” she said. “Right now, this side of town isn’t the greatest.”

Public investment is the next step.

There are 75 businesses between Laird Avenue and Ridge Road, but there are also 19 vacant buildings.

“There’s an opportunity now that exists with this improvement and the city’s aggressive approach to improving that commercial corridor,” said Mayor Franklin.

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