HOWLAND, Ohio (WKBN) – A man is facing charges following a reported road rage incident in Howland Township in which a family was hit with pepper spray.

A warrant for the arrest of Patrick Strohmeyer has been issued on five counts of assault and one count of criminal damaging, according to Warren Municipal Court. Strohmeyer is not yet in custody.

The charges stem from an incident that happened around 3:30 p.m. Friday, according to a police report. A man told police that the suspect involved in the incident sprayed pepper spray on the inside of his vehicle, and the suspect’s car was parked at a restaurant in the 100 block of Niles Cortland Rd NE.

According to the report, a woman and three children in the victim’s vehicle were hit by the pepper spray.

The woman told police that they were traveling northbound on Niles Cortland Road NE when a white Ford cut them off. She said her husband rolled down the passenger window to speak to the driver, and the driver in the Ford yelled, “Do you want some of this?” and deployed the pepper spray.

The woman said the pepper spray hit her and her three kids who were in the backseats. The woman said her daughter began vomiting, her son’s face broke out, and her laptop that was in the vehicle was also damaged from the spray.

The family called police and observed the driver pull into Wahaka Taco and go inside.

Police questioned the suspect, Patrick Strohmeyer, who was inside the restaurant, ordering food. He told police that a vehicle had been following him closely and that the driver got out of his vehicle and began walking toward him “aggressively,” according to the report.

He admitted to spraying the pepper spray toward him at that time, the report stated. Strohmeyer said he left the area after that.

Charges were filed against Strohmeyer earlier this week.