EAST LIVERPOOL, Ohio (WKBN) – An East Liverpool man has been charged by police after they say he stabbed his girlfriend in the neck Thursday morning.

Joseph Boyer, 50, is charged with felonious assault.

East Liverpool Police Chief John Lane. Lane said that the victim was stabbed twice in the neck, once near the collarbone and once in the arm.

Lane said that the wounds were close to killing the victim.

Officers said they saw Boyer climb out of a back window before he saw police and went back inside the house. Police then took Boyer to the ground and they saw blood on his hands, face, neck and clothing.

Lane said that two of his knives, as well as his clothing, were seized as evidence.

Lane said that the victim was released from the hospital and is doing OK.

According to court records, Boyer had just been in court for domestic violence charges related to his attempts to physically harm the victim on April 28 and May 13. As part of his sentencing on those charges, Boyer was ordered to not have contact with the victim.

Bond was set at $100,000 for Lane in this case, and his preliminary hearing is set for July 14.