GIRARD, Ohio (WKBN) – Anyone who is familiar with the “Andy Griffith” show will remember the Otis character. He would let himself into the jail in Mayberry to sleep off his night of inebriation.

Officers in Girard may have thought they were part of the 60s sitcom when they came across 53-year-old Robert Mitzel Monday evening.

According to a police report, officers discovered Mitzel and the Jeep he was driving just before 6 p.m. embedded in the mud in a creek off of Anderson Morris Road.

An officer waded across the water and found Mitzel unresponsive behind the wheel. They were able to awaken him and said that he appeared very intoxicated.

Officers say Mitzel admitted to drinking Ancient Age Whiskey, and they found a bottle on the floor of the Jeep, the report stated.

Mitzel was checked out by medical personnel and decided to lay down next to the police cruiser to “relax” while talking to EMTs.

Mitzel told an officer he wanted to go to jail to “sleep off his drunk,” the report stated.

Mitzel was driven home by an officer and received a summons for willful or wanton operation off street, physical control, criminal trespass and open container.

Mitzel is scheduled to appear in court April 19.