BOARDMAN, Ohio (WKBN) – Boardman police were able to locate a runaway teenager after reports state he broke into an occupied home.

It happened on Wednesday around 5 p.m.

At the time, a juvenile, who lived in the home on Spartan Drive, was home alone when she heard a noise that sounded like someone walking around the house. She went into her bedroom, locked the door and called 911, according to a police report.

Police got to the home and quickly secured a perimeter around the house. The caller was able to leave her room and go open the door for police.

Police went inside and could hear what sounded like someone running on the second floor of the home. Police repeatedly called out for the person to come out and identify themselves, but no one answered, according to reports.

Police then went upstairs to look for the person. That’s when they found the 14-year-old boy hiding under a bed.

Police say he told them that he entered the home through an unlocked door. The boy was listed as a runaway and had several pickup orders from the Juvenile Justice Center for domestic violence charges.

The homeowner arrived during the investigation and told police that the boy did not have permission to be there and she was aware he was a runaway. She told police that she wanted to press charges for burglary.