Report: Brookfield officer shot, killed dog that attacked chickens

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BROOKFIELD TWP., Ohio (WKBN) – A Brookfield police officer shot and killed a dog after he reported that the dog was growling at him “ferociously” after killing a woman’s chickens. 

The officer wrote in his report that the dog had gotten loose and had killed several chickens in the backyard of a home on State Route 7. A neighbor of the woman called police on Thursday morning, reporting that it was the second time that the dogs had done so. 

Police have a report from March 25 about the dogs attacking chickens and ducks on the property. 

Thursday, Lt. Peter Gibb reported that the Doberman came running into the coop and was barking at him. He yelled at the Doberman to stay, but the dog continued “snarling and barking,” according to the report. 

Gibb reported that he feared an attack was imminent, so he shot the dog four times. The officer shot the dog again to “put it out of its misery.” 

Police said the other dog, a Shepherd mix, ran toward the officer but ran away after the officer yelled at it.

The owner of the dogs was identified in a report as Tracy Culp, who lives on Collar Price Road. She said she let the dogs out, and they took off, according to the report. 

She was cited for confinement of dogs. According to court records, Culp was previously cited for the same charge on March 29.

The Trumbull County Dog Warden was called to the scene. 

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