(WKBN) – Congressman Mike Kelly is saying that President Joe Biden’s “Build Back Better” plan may have been doomed for months.

On Sunday, West Virginia Senator Joe Manchin announced he would oppose the trillion dollar spending package, keeping it from ever passing.

We sat down with Kelly Monday morning, who says the president should have seen this coming.

“It just seems like they’re, you know, the hands over the ears, the mouth and of course, the eyes. It’s just, it’s obvious, I think, to everyday people. Hardworking American taxpayers look at this and say, ‘You know what? I don’t mind paying taxes as long as it’s spent the right way,'” he said.

Tim Ryan has been just as quick to criticize Manchin for his opposition to the Build Back Better plans. Ryan issued a statement on Twitter saying that the president’s ideas are “so much bigger than one politician,” adding that “this ain’t over.”

Kelly said as the new year approaches, he’s looking for less polarization among lawmakers and more work getting accomplished.

Kelly added that one of his goals is to make health care and staying healthy more affordable, which includes the cost of prescription drugs.

“Some of the prescriptions that we take are affordable, some are so off-the-chart we don’t know how to get there. We need to find a way that our fellow Americans can afford any type of medications that the doctor is prescribing for them. That’s something we need. We need to come up with an idea,” Kelly said.

Kelly said lawmakers on both sides of the aisle have become so entrenched in politicizing just about every issue they face, that until members can set aside their political differences, little may get done.