SHARON, Pa. (WKBN) – Anyone who has seen our Sharon weather camera has probably noticed some work being done on the penthouse of the building across from it.

We recently learned exactly what renovations are being made to the Gilbert’s Risk Solutions Building.

The building, otherwise known as Riverwalk Place, was built in 1936 with glazed brick.

The weather in western Pennsylvania and eastern Ohio can lead to a freeze-thaw effect, meaning moisture could get into the brick and cause it to chip off.

Renovations were made on the State Street side earlier this year with some repairs and sealants, and they actually replaced some brick.

Work on the tower recently started about six weeks ago.

We’re told it was in worse shape than the State Street side.

“The tower is sort of like a wedding cake. It has three levels, and it really, it takes the brunt of the weather. It’s the top of the building. It’s a four-story building,” said Eric Brown, chief financial officer of Gilbert’s Risk Solutions.

The contractor for the project is AO Construction out of Youngstown. They’re hopeful that by Christmas, the work will be completed.

They plan to tackle renovations on the Riverfront side next year.