SHARON, Pa. (WKBN) – An apartment building in Sharon is getting a facelift and the city hopes it’ll help draw young people to the area.

The Forker building on Sharon’s East Hill, near the Buhl Mansion, is getting renovated in preparation for new tenants.

JCL Development, which owns about 40 commercial and residential buildings in Sharon, spent about a year renovating the apartments.

Lynn Dula, marketing for JCL Development, says they’ve done their best to honor the original building, which was built in 1937, by keeping fixtures like old doors.

“It’s a very historic town. We want to celebrate the history but we want to kind of give it a little facelift, update it. Bring it back to the great city we think it is and bring more people in,” Dula said.

It’s all part of JCL Development’s work in revitalizing downtown Sharon.

Sherris Moreira with Sharon Downtown Development hopes it’ll help draw young professionals into the area.

“As you attract more people, it drives services, it drives restaurants, it drives more retail. So then it plays into economic development,” Moreira

Sharon Historical Society President Taylor Galaska says before there were apartments on the site, it was the site of the Conrad G. Carver Mansion in the 1800s.

The Forker and Porter families lived in it in 1864 and when the last occupant died, Henry P. Forker built the apartments in 1937, which were often occupied by widows who didn’t want to live in big homes after the Great Depression.

Galaska said location was, and still is, key for the building.

“It wasn’t extremely downtown but it wasn’t so far away from everything that you were kind of suburbanized,” Galaska said.

Galaska says it’s important to strike a balance between historical preservation and modernization, but he also hopes it’ll help draw more young professionals.

“They’ve honored the building in a very nice way but also modernized it to where younger professionals will still want to live there — it doesn’t feel old,” Galaska said.

An open house will be held this Saturday, July 9 from 9 a.m. to noon. Check out JCL Development’s Facebook page for more information.