Recovering addict now raps to spread hope through the healing power of music

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Kevin Holko posted his rap skills on Facebook over a month ago and since then, the Warren man has received tens of thousands of views. He is hoping his words will inspire others to better themselves.

“No longer using the needles, no longer hitting the chore. This is a gift from the Lord.”

Using these lyrics, Holko is spreading a message of hope.

“I have an attitude of gratitude today,” he said.

Holko calls himself a grateful recovering addict and alcoholic who’s sober now after a 22-year battle with the disease.

“I’m definitely thankful and grateful, and I know that I’m going to fight hard for recovery and not give up, no matter what this time,” he said.

Holko is now on a mission to help others. He’s doing it through the healing power of music, using the rhymes to share his own personal story.

“Speak about it, don’t hide from your past now. Now short-sleeved shirt, I ain’t ashamed of my tracks now.”

WATCH: Kevin Holko raps to spread hope to addicts

He said the songs are a journey of what he’s been through.

“Because I surrendered this time, I think God put it on my heart to share a message of hope with other addicts.”

Holko’s rap has been shared more than 74,000 times on Facebook.

“I did not expect to get that many views. I didn’t think it was going to get up to 7,000,” he said.

He’s received many inspirational messages about his lyrics touching people in need.

“To actually be making a difference and helping people through my music, that’s my passion,” Holko said.

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