YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio (WKBN) – Records obtained by First News from the city of Youngstown give more details on a recent demolition of a South Side building.

3305 and 3309 South Avenue, which was formerly Isaly’s Busy Bee Family Restaurant, was torn down on April 18. The business manager claims the demolition was unjust.

In a previous interview, Jennipher Carter said they were never notified that the building would be demolished.

“There was just absolutely no notice, and it’s devastating to not only our business but our community that we work so hard to put back into,” she had said.

Youngstown Codified Ordinance 1525.01 does state that the fire chief has the authority to order an emergency demolition, without notifying the property owner, if a property is deemed a safety hazard. It does, however, state that a notice must be posted at each entrance of the structure.

Carter said there was no notice posted on the door. However, in the inspection report sent to First News from the city’s law department, there are photos of a “condemned” notice on the building, dated 4/14/2022. Then, four days later, the building was demolished.

Still, representatives from the building say they were at the site that weekend and saw no notice.

The inspection report also states that an inspection was performed on March 24 and a 30-Day notice of violation was given. This gave the property owner until April 23 to bring the building up to code.

A representative from the business said they never received this notice as well, and also wonders why the building was demolished on April 18 if the 30-Day notice gave them until April 23 to work on it.

The 30-Day notice states that the property owner had to comply within 30 days, otherwise they would receive a $100 penalty. Then 30 days from then, a $500 penalty followed by 30 days from then, a $1,000 penalty for a total of $1,600.

In order to be in compliance with the order, the property owner had to do the following:

  • Clean the exterior property
  • Maintain and repair the exterior structure
  • Repair foundation walls
  • Repair windows, skylights and/or door frames

Carter said despite never receiving a notice, they were in the process of making repairs to the building but had to pause to wait for permits to come in. Then, it was gone.

The emergency demolition order signed off by Youngstown Fire Chief Barry Finley on April 12 stated that the “structure is a vacant commercial building and structurally unsound.” It goes on to state, “This building is a danger to firefighters who may enter in the event of a fire.”

Carter previously said that the building had steel beams that were put in place to hold the structure up until work was completed. She also provided video of the beams and the work being done.