YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio (WKBN) – People began arriving before sun-up and then stood in line for close to an hour in the early-morning chill Tuesday for their chance to pick up free food for Thanksgiving.

On a typical Tuesday, the Gleaner’s Foodbank on Pyatt Street will serve around 300 families, but this week, the lines were even longer.

“This is my first time, you know, coming to a place like this… I couldn’t find anywhere to go, and someone had told me about this place,” said Angelic Murphy, of Youngstown.

Many came carrying cardboard boxes, shopping bags, carts, even clothes baskets — anything to carry home what they needed.

“Stuffing, acorn squash, butternut squash — it’s such a nice balance of nutritious meals. It’s not just junk,” said Ginger Starling, of North Bloomfield.

Those at the giveaway were able to choose between turkey, chicken or duck to make for their holiday meals. Starling drove down from North Bloomfield, saying there’s nothing like this close to her home.

“When you come to a place like this, you don’t ever really get a choice of what you want, and to have a choice, it just makes you feel more of a person,” she said.

Those in line Tuesday said inflation and its impact — especially the rising costs of food — is really putting a strain on them.

“There are a lot of giveaways, and people can get help, but it’s a little bit disgraceful that these lines are getting longer and longer and longer,” said David Mines, of Youngstown.