EAST LIVERPOOL, Ohio (WKBN) — The mayor says legal fights are costing the city money that could be spent on revitalization projects instead.

East Liverpool Mayor Greg Bricker says a recent arbitration case with former police Officer Chris Green is costing the city over $10,000.

Green was placed on leave in March 2021 for misconduct while responding to a call about a fight. A police captain looking into the case says Green lied about what happened. Captains on the force took their concerns to the mayor.

“That’s what really triggered us to do the investigation that uncovered more than two dozen instances of violations,” says Bricker.

The city fired Green in June 2021. The police union filed an appeal over the termination, but an arbitrator denied it earlier this month.

“We went through the process. We went through the disciplinary hearings. And at the end of the day, we’re just holding people accountable for their actions,” says Bricker.

Bricker says the cases are taking away money from East Liverpool to complete projects around the city, such as repairing different roads and streets.

“It’s just incredibly frustrating that this is what we spend our time and money on. And ultimately it’s the taxpayers that are paying for this,” says Bricker.

First News reached out to Green and the union’s lawyer. Neither have responded.