27 First News wants to correct inaccuracies in a 6 p.m. report on our sister-station, 33 WYTV. That story regarded the investigation into the officer-involved shooting. Ohio’s Bureau of Criminal Investigation, or BCI, is conducting that investigation. BCI has not released any findings to the media or the public. Niles police are not conducting their own investigation and have not released any findings to the public. We must stress that we do not know what the investigation will find. That includes the directions bullets were traveling. The BCI investigation is expected to take months. We apologize for the inaccurate information.  

A rally was held outside of the Niles police station on Sunday, recognizing the man killed in an officer-related shooting.

Matthew Burroughs, 35, was shot by police on Jan. 2 when they were trying to arrest him at the Royal Mall Apartments for a warrant. Police said in a statement that Burroughs tried to run over officers with a vehicle, making them fear for their lives. 

The coroner ruled Burroughs’ death as a homicide. 

The rally lasted about 45 minutes, consisting of organizers and attendees speaking out. There was also chants heard from the crowd about justice for Burroughs.

“I knew him. I was with him for seven years. I knew what kind of person he was. He was not perfect, nobody is perfect, but I do not agree that he was trying to hit somebody on purpose,” said Jennifer Cox, the mother of Burroughs’ daughter.

Attendee Bria Bennett said this can happen to anyone’s family or friends.

“This is somebody that we know, so we’ve got to show up for our community,” she said. 

To see Bennett’s interview at the rally, watch the video above. 

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