EAST PALESTINE, Ohio (WKBN) – Norfolk Southern showed off its remediation work Friday and provided an update.

It’s been just over a month since work started to remove the replace one of the rail lines running through East Palestine. The work is nearly complete.

“We’re gonna be installing the continuous rail, and that’s a more permanent rail. We expect that to happen over the next couple of days,’ said Chris Hunsicker, a spokesperson for Norfolk Southern.

Workers with Norfolk Southern invited us to see for ourselves the work that’s been done so far, including laying new rail along the southern set of tracks and the removal of roughly 24,000 tons of soil that had been contaminated by February’s toxic derailment.

“It took several weeks to do the south side. We expect to repeat that on the north side,” Hunsicker said.

Throughout the work zone, there will be huge piles of soil laying along the sides of the tracks. It will be segregated based on what was contaminated when the train derailed.

“We keep those apart. We were handling them at the right location, taking them to the right facility for proper management,” Hunsicker said

Workers say once dump trucks are loaded, they’re sprayed to remove any contaminated residue and then driven directly to one of a number of EPA- licensed facilities depending on the specific types of contaminants involved.

Hunsicker said besides replacing the second set of tracks and the soil underneath, there’s still plenty to be done.

“We’ve got properties that were affected on either side of the tracks we need to work on. We’re still working to restore streams — that type of work,” Hunsicker said.

The full project is still expected to last another couple of months.