HOWLAND TWP., Ohio (WKBN) — Residents of Howland are encouraged to give their feedback via a survey on what direction they’d like to see the township move.

Howland is currently working on its comprehensive plan, which will help guide community development and improvements for the next 10 to 15 years.

“We’ve been doing this since the late ’90s, so our plans don’t sit on the shelf. We’re actively implementing our plans,” said Howland planning director Kim Mascarella.

Mascarella said the township is considering upgrades based on the specific demographics of Howland’s population.

“Our population is aging a bit. ‘How can we look to the future to try to accommodate people that are aging?'” said Mascarella.

“People are interested in the commercial corridors and, sort of, the future of those corridors. Housing assessments. Some of the houses within the township are over 30 years old,” said Ryan Smalley, urban planning consultant.

Attracting young people to the township and keeping them from moving away is also a priority.

“Economic development’s always popular when we do comprehensive plan updates — people looking to leverage workforce and development opportunities, and then bike and pedestrian connectivity,” Smalley said.

At the end of the presentation of possible improvements, those at the meeting were invited to participate in an interactive feedback session using pushpins and notes to mark places were citizens want to see specific improvements and additions.

Residents can take the survey through the end of January.