YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio (WKBN) — Reaction from both sides of the issue was swift as news broke that Roe v. Wade had been overturned. Locally, several groups gathered to make their opinions heard. Friday night over 100 people gathered in downtown Youngstown to rally against the Court’s decision. Their reaction was strong, personal and emotional.

A sea of green flooded downtown Youngstown. Over the years, the color green has become an international symbol for reproductive rights. The signs, chants and stories told were personal.

“We won’t go back,” the crowd chanted.

“It makes it better to know that you have support when you’ve had an abortion,” said a protester with a megaphone.

Mothers rallied for and beside their daughters.

“It’s her body. I have to fight for her. I have two other daughters. I have to fight for them,” said mother and advocate Barbara Mitchell.

Men speaking out for their loved ones — mothers, girlfriends, wives and daughters.

“It’s worse than a dark day. It’s worse than anybody really can imagine. We are going to see how bad it’s going to get,” said advocate Jonathan Blackshire.

Friday’s decision by the U.S. Supreme Court to overturn the historic 1973 Roe v. Wade ruling was met with joy and sorrow.

Here it was the latter, many worrying about what happens next.

“It’s crazy. Now we’re going to see people having back-alley abortions, the mortality rates going to go up from all of this,” said Blackshire.

Dr. Amanda Fehlbaum led the effort with the Steel Valley Reproductive Justice Coalition putting out the call to action days ago, preparing to rally regardless of what decision was handed down.

“I’m feeling disheartened knowing that my reproductive choices are threatened, my bodily autonomy is threatened and I don’t appreciate it,” said Fehlbaum.

Many more are concerned about what the Supreme Court ruling could mean for other milestone decisions, begging people to get out and vote.

“Stay active. Stay non-violent and don’t mourn. Organize,” said another protester with a megaphone.