Protecting yourself in an active shooter situation comes down to 3 words

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These steps can help you formulate a plan beforehand in case you're ever in an area with an active shooter

(WKBN) – Since this weekend’s shootings, people have been asking what they should do if they’re in an area with an active shooter.

A local spot similar to the one targeted in Dayton is the corner of W. Federal and Phelps in Youngstown — the downtown entertainment district.

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New Middletown Police Chief Vince D’Egidio is trained in and conducts civilian response classes. He said the mantra of protecting yourself comes down to three words.

“Run, hide, fight. Those are the three big things you have to do,” D’Egidio said. “You have to be alert to your surroundings no matter where you go.”

Run: Have an escape route in mind. Leave your belongings behind. Keep your hands visible so police know you don’t have a weapon.

Hide: Go to an area out of the shooter’s view. Block the entry to the hiding place and lock the doors. Silence cell phones.

Fight: The last resort, only when your life is in imminent danger. Try to incapacitate the shooter. Act with physical aggression. Throw things at the shooter, aiming for their head so they duck and you can buy a few more seconds to get away.

D’Egidio said he does civilian response training — anywhere from 15 minutes to two hours. He’ll travel anywhere around the area.

If your group or organization is interested, call the New Middletown Police Department at 330-542-2846.

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