YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio (WKBN) – It’s no fun getting notified that a package was delivered to your door, but it’s gone when you get home. College researchers say 1.7 million packages are stolen every day. It’s happening locally, too.

Girard has reported two cases of porch pirates stealing items in the last week. One had a flashlight and nail clippers worth $11.85. The other had contents valued at $1,500.

One way to stop porch pirates is to have a doorbell camera. You can see the delivery and even interact with the delivery person.

“In a lot of cases, people don’t have Ring doorbells. We just try to tell them to be aware of your tracking,” said Girard Police Chief John Norman.

Get a tracking number and follow that package to get a sense of when it’s going to come. If you can’t be there, have a friend, neighbor or relative pick it up from your door. Also, keep an eye around the neighborhood for someone who may be going around and stealing packages.

“If they think something is suspicious going up on a porch or somebody is going up on a porch of your neighbor and you don’t know him and they’re not from the neighborhood or it looks like it might be a theft, give us a call,” Norman said.

The pace of deliveries will pick up over the next two months, and some criminals will be desperate to find and take these packages. Your awareness of the package coming in is important.

“We have prosecuted several cases in the past with the Ring doorbell, but if there’s no one who actually sees the theft, it’s virtually impossible,” Norman said. “It’s a theft offense. Misdemeanor of the first degree depending on the item of the stolen, too.”

If you have an important package, have it delivered where you know someone will be. You can also get a package safe.

Do not chase down a porch pirate on your own. Always call police.