Project to demolish abandoned homes in Sharon begins soon

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SHARON, Pa. (WKBN) – A $70,000 demolition project will soon be underway in Sharon, bringing down 15 abandoned houses in the city.

The houses were identified after an intense, city-wide survey.

“We had citizen volunteers who went and identified all of the houses in the city of Sharon, and we did an inventory of all the properties,” said Melissa Holmes from Sharon Community Development.

Homes in Sharon were color-coded: greenhouses were good, orange houses were lived in but in need of repairs and red houses were abandoned.

“The property is truly an abandoned property and we are trying to remove that from the neighborhood,” Holmes said.

Houses were marked with a black “X” to indicate that they would be coming down soon. They can only afford to tear down 15 right now, so picking the worst of the worst was a challenge.

“It’s actually a really complicated process. We’ve done extensive mapping and there’s more houses that are apparently abandoned than there’s money to be spent,” Holmes said.

The houses for this round are all located in a targeted neighborhood that Sharon is trying to stabilize. It’s bounded by Sharpsville Avenue, Meek Street, Oakland Avenue and State Street.

Once the round is done, the city has money for five or six more demolitions.

List of houses for this round:
– 103 Second Ave.
– 150 Second Ave.
– 150 Third Ave.
– 86 Fourth Ave.
– 203 and 205 Fourth Ave.
– 429 Fourth Ave.
– 52 Fifth Ave.
– 118 Fifth Ave.
– 500 Fullerton St.
– 380 Brooklyn St.
– 376 Watson St.
– 448 Meek St.
– 681 Meek St.
– 344 Delaware St.
– 346 North Oakland Ave.

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