Pro-life rally returns to New Castle after year off due to pandemic concerns

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NEW CASTLE, Ohio (WKBN) – Every year in New Castle around January 22 — the date the U.S. Supreme Court ruled abortion legal — a pro-life rally has been held. But this year, because of COVID, it was held Friday evening.

People gathered in Kennedy Square in New Castle to light candles for an event that has been going on in the city for over 30 years.

The Light a Candle for Life is a pro-life event. It was started in 1984 as a response to the Roe vs. Wade bill that legalized abortion.

Over 1,000 candles are lit each year on the square in bags with children’s names on them, representing the lives of those who didn’t live.

“We hope that maybe a visualization of it will make an impact on people driving by, at night especially,” said Gail Newtzie, event orgnizer.

The event used to be held in January, around the anniversary of the Roe vs. Wade decision from 1973. It was moved to Mother’s Day weekend in 2019. Then, it was canceled last year due to COVID-19 concerns.

Event organizer Susan Deasey, who went to the March for Life in Washington D.C., shared how she got connected to the event.

“I called the former leader, Diane Marcella, and asked her if she had room. Then, I started going to meetings, and you know, the rest is history,” Deasey said.

Trinity Pennachio was also at the candle lighting. She has been going since she was a toddler.

This year, she brought along her young daughter and her grandmother, planning to continue the family tradition.

“These are children’s lives that we’re here fighting for, praying for, being here for,” Pennachio said, “and somebody needs to stand up for them.”

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