Prices for gold and silver soar once again throughout the Valley

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Plus, you don't need to waste time polishing jewelry since it won't change the value at all

BOARDMAN, Ohio (WKBN) – Gold is shining again as its price is near an all-time high. It’s a good time to dig through the jewelry box and consider selling.

Any businesses related to buying and selling precious metals are thriving right now, whether it’s for a gold coin, old jewelry or a silver necklace. All have great value, maybe even more than you paid for them.

“The old jewelry is amazingly valuable. People come in every day. They’re completely impressed by the numbers they see,” said Mike Miller, of The Coin Shop.

Sellers are crying tears of happiness with prices so high.

“We had one lady that came in, she had some gold coins she had inherited. She walked out with a $50,000 check. Another lady came in with her girlfriend with a baggie of jewelry thinking it was a couple hundred bucks and ended up with over $4,000. She actually had tears,” Miller said.

The price of silver is also climbing. It can be found in silverware, and it’s not important to have an entire set. The metal is just melted down and gets turned back into pure bullion.

Now is a great time to find those silver coins because any silver dollars will be checked for rare dates — there’s always a premium on those.

“Your scrap coins, your Walking Liberty half dollars, your Kennedys, your Benjamin Franklins, your Mercury dimes, even the old Barber half dollars — those are worth more as silver right now in history than they are as coins,” Miller said.

Nobody knows how long this run of near record high prices will last. Miller suggests you bring in items now. He’ll tell you what they’re worth today, instead of regretting that you missed out again.

“Geez, I wish I would’ve sold that stuff. I was waiting to see if it went higher. It didn’t and now I wish I had sold it. Now is our opportunity,” he said.

And don’t waste time polishing jewelry — it won’t change the value one penny.

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