(WKBN) — Pennsylvania is now 14 cents above the nation’s average of $4.48 and here in Ohio 19 cents lower than that, but still set a record high.

Prices at the pump keep going up.

“What we’ve seen at AAA in following the gas prices is that we’ve been setting new records for many days in a row now,” said Jim Garrity, AAA East Central Spokesman.

“I’m not that surprised because it has been high and I’m trying to accept it because I love my truck,” said Kelley Hum of Newton Falls.

According to AAA, in the Keystone State, the state average and average cost for a gallon in both Mercer and Lawrence Counties are above the national average of $4.48.

Across the state line in Ohio, the price is a little better, but still, the state’s average of $4.29 is the highest recorded since 2011 when the record high was 14 cents less than it is today.

With record-high gas prices that means if you want to go anywhere you’re going to be paying more at the pump.

“It’s ridiculous it’s beyond painful,” said Jennifer Wiechowsai of Braceville.

For drivers like Wiechowsai, the increasing cost to fill up is certainly felt. Wiechowsai drives an hour to work. Her husband’s commute is 40 minutes. So as fuel prices rise they — as a family — are taking a big hit.

“There has to be some kind of remedy. This can’t go on so, and again this is an exceptionally small community, not a high dollar community so people like us it’s really really devastating,” said Wiechowsai.

Garrity said it’s too early to tell if gas prices here will reach the $5 mark, but drivers should be prepared just in case it does.

“Whether or not you hit $5 is going to depend on where you are. It’s going to depend on what’s going to happen with the crude oil,” said Garrity.