YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio (WKBN) – Round three of storms could hit the Valley Wednesday. Damaging winds could be part of it and stress areas in the Valley that are still recovering from past storms over the last couple of weeks.

Getting yourself and your property ready for the storm is key to coming through it with the least amount of damage possible.

FEMA provides simple, low-cost ways you can prepare your property for a storm.

To prevent a power surge, unplug appliances until the storm is over and power is restored. Protect your electronics from power strikes with surge protectors.

Loose shingles, your dog’s house, trash cans and sports equipment can all be picked up during high winds. Secure those objects along with patio furniture.

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Keep in mind, too, that lawn ornaments, porch knickknacks, wreaths, flags and poles can all get carried away in high wind. It’s a good idea to bring those items inside.

It’s also important to note that typically, there isn’t a liability for damage sustained in a weather event, but if there was something you could have done to secure an item on your property and you didn’t, an insurer for another’s damage could possibly come back on you.

You may not think about it at first, but reviewing your insurance policy will put you ahead of the game if damage occurs. Find it and have it handy for reference. Also, make a list of all of your belongings and take pictures of high-value ones.

First Energy and AEP are already preparing for the weather. FirstEnergy offers these tips:

  • Keep a flashlight, radio and batteries handy.
  • Have extra blankets or a sleeping bag for each person.
  • Have bottled water on hand, especially if you have a water well and pump.
  • Keep a stock of convenience foods on hand that don’t require cooking.
  • Assemble a first-aid kit.
  • Gather prescription medications.
  • Keep a charged cell phone and car charger handy.
  • Tune in to a local radio or TV station for storm information and warnings that may be issued.
  • Make sure you read and follow all directions on backup generators.

Utility crews are planning for the next round of severe weather. They warn you to stay away from downed power lines and call 911 to report any hazards and report outages to your utility provider.

“We strongly encourage customers with life-supporting medical equipment to have a backup power source and an alternate plan in the event of a power outage,” AEP warned.