Preparing trees for the next severe storm

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(WKBN) – While the Sunday night storm kept a lot of people cleaning up on Monday, it also raised questions about which trees should be taken down before the next storm.

Steve Deemer, owner of Gordon Tree Expert Co., started getting phone calls Sunday night about removing downed trees and his phone was still ringing Monday. 

“A lot of pine trees are blowing over because the sap flow is up in them, and so they make it an a lot heavier tree and then with the loose soil, makes it uproot fairly easily,” Deemer said.

The spruce and evergreens were vulnerable because they have foilage and resistance. The other trees do not have leaves, so the wind was blowing through them, not against them. 

Some dead trees that had been rotting inside also came down. Before the next storm, look for any leaning trees or a mound behind the base of a tree. This is an indication that the tree is uprooting.

“A crotch in the tree that is half rotted. The tighter the crotch of the tree, the more susceptible it is to split off,” Deemer said.

One of the cheapest and most beneficial things to do for trees is to fertilize them. Leave some grass clippings to give the tree natural nutrients that it needs to survive.

“Pruning does actually help a tree because you’re taking out the dead wood, so the tree heals faster. A tree will pinch off branches that do not produce for it anymore,” he said.

If you have a lot of twigs in your yard, that tree could use some pruning to get rid of dead branches. Deemer said to have this done every three to five years. 

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