(WKBN) – Spring planting season is here! Farmers and gardeners across the Valley are getting their preparation work done to make sure the soil is ready to go.

There’s a science to producing healthy, vibrant crops — it comes down to good preparation. We learned all about planting in Ohio during the spring.

Summerlike temperatures throughout April have given local farmers and gardeners an opportunity to prep their soil.

“This year, we’ve had a little bit of a window where we can get out and do some of this fieldwork a little bit ahead of time. We haven’t had that in the last two to three years,” said Tim Parks, owner of Parks Garden Center in Canfield.

Farmers are focused on making the soil as nutrient and healthy as possible.

“You want to get your weeds under control in the field before you plant and have your soil prepared, get your fertilizer on if you are using fertilizer,” said Craig Mercer, owner of Catalpa Grove Farm in Columbiana.

Catalpa Grove Farm said that a recent cold spell prompted them to cover their early strawberry plants — a technique used often in climates like Ohio’s.

“Your first berry fruit set is going to be your bigger fruit and better yielding, so you want to protect the early blossoms on the plant,” Mercer said.

Farmers in Ohio are prepared to deal with the rollercoaster weather.

“Farmers are equipped to respond quickly and get things done in a hurry because that’s the environment we work in,” Parks said.

Parks says it’s a gamble to plant crops before May.

“You might as well take your money and go to Las Vegas because if you plant it too early and you get cold weather and you get the frost, there’s a possibility that the corn comes up and you’ll be out replanting,” Parks said.

Parks gave some great advice: don’t get too excited! He says there’s plenty of time to plant come May when the weather should be more consistent.