Prayer service held in Hermitage for 2 girls killed in car crash

Local News

On Sunday morning, members of the community came together to honor the lives of 16-year-old Alexis Myers and 15-year-old Danielle Nelson.

The two teenage girls died in a car crash on I-80 just a week ago.

Religious Education Director Joe Ranelli says the past few days have been filled with mourning for the girls.

“Emotionally, spiritually, physically, all the components of humanity have been a part of the week.”

During the gathering, Father Mark called on parents and adults to place their hands on the young people in front of them.

Ranelli says it’s important to ask for help.

“Just another significant, physical sign that they are not alone — and they need to reach out when necessary.”

Music and prayers were offered as those who knew Myers and Nelson mourned.

He says mourning is a part of life.

“Don’t be embarrassed, do not be ashamed. It’s natural. It’s part of being human.”

Church leaders say letting your feelings out is a part of the grieving process.

Ranelli says trusting in God is a powerful thing.

“We do have that power within us — that God particle. To share with others. If we choose to do it. These two young ladies chose to do it.”

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