Prayer circle held for woman injured in Youngstown crash

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YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio (WKBN) – Late last month, we reported that a man fleeing from police ran a red light and crashed into another car.

It happened at the corner of Albert Street and Route 62 on the east side of Youngstown.

The woman that was hit, Katrina Betts, was ejected from her car. She was left in critical condition with a miscarriage, broken bones and a brain bleed.

Less than a week ago, her family and friends didn’t know if Katrina would make it. Now, they gather to pray for her and the long road to recovery she has ahead.

There were around 60 people in the parking lot of The Academy of Urban Scholars Tuesday night. Some were wearing shirts that read “Pray for Katrina” with pictures of her. All of them were there to voice support as Katrina fights in the hospital to heal.

“She went from no heartbeat to glass in the left eye to everything crushed on one side. Now, she’s alert, she can hear us, she’s responding to commands, she’s blinking, she’s wiggling her toes. For someone to have a broken leg and fractured hip, she is doing very well,” said Katrina’s sister Latoya Fornore.

Katrina’s father, William Betts, said for a while they weren’t sure she was going to make it.

“She went through a whole lot of leaps and bounds. I didn’t even know if she was going to pull through for a moment there, but through the grace of God she did,” Betts said.

And to that, Katrina’s sister credits the power of prayer.

“I was angry. I was lost. This whole experience has actually brought me close to God because she’s a walking miracle. I would say from then until now because of her progress is the reason I’m so positive,” Fornore said.

The prayer circle and Katrina’s birthday happen to be on the same day. It’s her 20th birthday. She doesn’t know about the prayer circle, but her family said if she did and could be there, she would be touched by the love surrounding her.

“She would be standing right here crying,” Betts said.

The group celebrated Katrina’s life and her recovery, holding hands in faith and love.

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