YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio (WKBN) – Starting in August, lottery players will have one more chance to hit the jackpot each week.

The Powerball is adding a drawing on Mondays in addition to its Wednesday and Saturday drawings.

Powerball executives say that players like playing for larger jackpots and the additional drawing will help create bigger prizes.

One lottery retailer in Youngstown, Virginia Morris of Gino’s Drive Thru, agrees bigger jackpots bring in more players. However, she isn’t sure her store will see a big increase in business.

“Not much, I don’t think. They don’t seem to play the Powerball and the Mega Million like they used to. It has to be really high before they really will play it,” Morris said.

Powerball says that ticket sales from a third drawing will contribute to funding public programs in Ohio and Pennsylvania.

The first Monday Powerball drawing will be on August 23.