Power The Black Vote Bus Tour makes campaign stop in Youngstown

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A week to go before the election and a push is being made to get the black vote out on election day.

The Ohio Legislative Black Caucus “People First” bus stopped in Youngstown for a rally at a prominent black church Tuesday.

The Ohio Legislative Black Caucus is traveling around the state reminding black voters the impact of their vote.

“These next seven days will have a determination for the next generation of the direction that Ohio can go,” said Stephanie Howse, president of the Ohio Legislative Black Caucus.

Black votes nationwide have historically been low. Something Youngstown native Kristen White wants to change here.

“If there’s things we don’t like that don’t benefit us that we need to change we need to stop complaining and start actually putting our voices out there,” White said. 

That’s why the Ohio Legislative Black Caucus did its second Power the Black Vote tour. They were in Columbus earlier. Their second stop was the New Bethel Baptist Church in Youngstown.

“Part of this tour is to make sure that people stay focused,” Howse said.

Howse Says health care, education, equal pay, and the justice system are all disparities that impact the black community. Issues they vote on this year.

“The African American community understands the impact because we are living it day to day,” she said. “They are looking for candidates that are not just paying lip service but are going to do the work.”

White says the black vote in Youngstown is suppressed.

“Gerrymandering, removing people from the voter roles. Little sneaky things like that little by little they all add up,” she said.

The Ohio Legislative Black Caucus wants to tell black voters their vote still matters

“We are coming to say hello we hear you we see you and we need you,” Howse said.

The Ohio Legislative Black Caucus will be here Wednesday rallying again

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