(WKBN) – Work continues to clear away the mess Saturday’s violent weather left behind, and days later, many are still in the dark.

Those heading outside should be mindful of downed power lines.

Monday morning, WKBN reported that electric crews were putting in 16-hour days to restore service around the area, and they continue to do that for the thousands that remain without power.

Officials with FirstEnergy told First News that they’ve replaced more than 25,000 feet of electric line since Saturday. This is on top of dozens of utility poles and transformers that were knocked over by those strong winds, or falling tree limbs.

According to FirstEnergy, they concentrate their efforts on making repairs that bring the largest amount of customers back up and running.

“We have more than 1,200 line workers and support personnel engaged in this restoration effort with a lot of crews spending time in the greater Youngstown area to reduce those numbers and get customers back up and running as quickly as possible,” said Siburkis.

Siburkis said FirstEnergy is focused on bigger jobs, so some individual customers may have to wait longer. She said the reason your neighbor may have power and you don’t is because you’re operating off of different circuits or dealing with an outage that just impacts your home.

FirstEnergy is warning people to be very careful around power lines. Since you can’t see or smell electricity, there’s no way for you to know if a wire you come across is energized. The best best is to always assume it is energized and avoid driving over it or touching it.

“Use caution when going outdoors and keep children and pets and yourselves far away from any wire or any storm debris that could be hiding some electrical hazards,” Siburkis said.

Siburkis said crews from a dozen other states have been brought in to help teams from FirstEnergy in the area.

Siburkis told First News that while most of the larger outages could be back by Tuesday, it could take until Wednesday before some individual customers have their service restored.

As of 5:35 a.m. Tuesday, 2,406 people are without power in Trumbull County, 1,318 sit without power in Mahoning County, and 551 are without power in Columbiana County. Visit FirstEnergy’s website to find more information on outages.

Michael Reiner contributed to this report.